How to Make an Appointment

You can book telephone consultations or appointments with your doctor up to a week in advance by:

We encourage you to book with the same GP as it helps us to help you.

If availability is limited, a telephone consultation with your own named GP is better than an appointment with any other available doctor

If you are a new patient, or are unsure who you usually see, please ask the practice.

Our GPs work in the following “teams” to cover each other’s absences:

Dr Joe McGilligan (Monday – Friday) & Dr Grimstead (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

Dr York (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday) & Dr Bourne (Monday, Thursday)

Dr Patel (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday) & Dr Aslett (Monday, Thursday)

Dr Sanderson (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) & Dr Forgie (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Dr Springett (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday) & Dr Rachel McGilligan (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday)

Dr Leung (Monday – Thursday) & Dr Brennand (Tuesday, Friday)

Nurse appointments can be booked as required, the length of which will vary on the reason.

For commuters there are early surgeries on weekdays from 07:30 and a late surgery on Tuesday until 20:00. At these times the phone lines and our reception desk are closed so please use the self check-in screen.

Urgent Appointments

For urgent matters, please call in the morning giving the receptionist brief details of your problem. The emergency clinician will return your call promptly so please stay by your phone, If they cannot help you on the phone you will be offered an appointment or home visit that day or as appropriate

Extended Access

For commuters there are early surgeries on weekdays and a late surgery on Tuesday evening. For more information, please visit our extended hours page.

Practice Nurses

In a number of cases, it might be worth considering booking an appointment with a nurse practitioner rather than a doctor. Nurse practitioners can prescribe and are qualified to deal with many ailments, and you are likely to be seen more quickly.


If you cannot attend an appointment for any reason please inform us as soon as possible.

We do send text reminders about appointments however if you do not wish to be contacted this way please contact the practice.

If you cannot get through on the landline you can text your name, appointment time and the word ‘cancel’ to 07767 224484.

If you miss more than three appointments in a six month period our practice policy is to restrict booking of GP appointments to the same day. Please try not to miss appointments.