BP@Home is a new service we are providing through our GP practices in Care Collaborative PCN, East Surrey. It enables patients with high blood pressure to manage their blood pressure more effectively from the comfort of their own home.

Managing your blood pressure remotely means that you won’t have to visit us so often, saving both you and our team time, and putting you less at risk of catching Covid-19, colds and flu.

It will also help you understand and manage your condition better and take steps to improve your health through making simple lifestyle changes such as changing your diet and increasing your exercise.

We will identify whether you would benefit from using the service and if so, you will be contacted by a member of our BP@Home team to invite you to participate in the service.

This video explains why monitoring your blood pressure at home is important. It is available to watch in seven different languages (English, Bengali, Punjabi, Urdu, Somali, Polish and Gujerati):

If you are invited to join the blood pressure monitoring service, you will be able to take your blood pressure yourself using a blood pressure monitor, you then choose how you would like to submit your blood pressure readings to us using either a digital app, following a link from email or text message, or directly over the phone with the help of our BP@Home team.

Our BP@Home team will get you started, explain it all to you and help you as much as you need throughout the process.

Further information about monitoring your blood pressure at home is available through the British Heart Foundation (BHF), including information about what causes high blood pressure, how to take your blood pressure and what you can do to manage it through lifestyle changes.

All the GP Practices are currently offering the BP@Home service in Care Collaborative, they are:

  • Greystone House Surgery
  • Moat House Surgery
  • Wall House Surgery

Contact details for the BP@Home team in Care Collaborative are: